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Zhi's Art

Quatre playing the violin {{huggles}} The Ice Princess
Quatre from Lorena's wonderful fic 'Chiaroscuro' Nagi from Weiss Kreuz Shiva from FFX
I forgot the mole >_<;; This pic took me ages to do >_< A Pic of Rikku for an art comp
Lulu from FFX Yuna Rikku from FFX-2

Original Art
An experiment with folds Shiny! So much hair >_< Inspired from a meme I did.
Random pic of a girl Celeste Chemistry Mascot Goth Girl
Inspired by a nameless character that Lorelai of TAC created. I wanted to design something for the Melbourne Cup and this is what I came up with. Character from an online RPG. *Skips away*
Nameless Character Melbourne Cup Jeslyn Something for the end of exams

Doodles and Oekaki Pics
Harry's in heaven! I like how this one turned out. This took way too long...more than 5 hours. This took even longer >_<
Harry in pjs Just a piccy of a mermaid Chibi Hermione Harry again, this time with a sword
Drawing landscapes to help me with backgrounds for future pics. Run!!!!!
Random A sunset! More random Volcano!

Gift Art
A wonderful pic of Harry that Nescienx drew for me

Adult art

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