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Zoe's bio and idiosyncrasies*

(*Zhi has a Livejournal for her idiosyncratic rants, I don't have a LJ, so I'll put my rant here.)

I am an inappropriate parasite on society. I have the mind of a fifty-something year old man, and it is incongruous that people treat me like the cold, silent twenty-one year girl I resemble. According to my flamenco teacher I lack passion... but that's what happens when you have a 290 year unrequited love. To the purist literature freaks out there who can quote *insert name of famous poet/writer/playwright*, I know the latest phylogenetic hypothesis regarding the five orders of the Chytridiomycota, so that's ok then. I mustn't be inadequate. And to the anti-slashers - I'll metaphorically give you the universal hand gesture I'll still love you even if you don't like slash.

(I'll be wishing I'd written this in wow-wow sauce so I can eat my words later.)

Let the self deprecation continue...

I like...

Coffee (preferably delivered by iv.)
Humour (as black as my coffee.)


Fiction by:
Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman*, Kurt Vonnegut, Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Céline.

Non-fiction by:
Laurie Garrett (The Coming Plague), Tim Flannery (The Future Eaters), Jared Diamond (Gun, Germs and Steel), Simon Singh (Fermat's Last Theorem), Dava Sobel (Longitude), Douglas Hofstadter (Gödel, Escher, Bach), Margaret Wertheim (Pythagoras' Trousers), various books by Richard Dawkins, James Gleick, Jack Cohen, Ian Stewart, John Gribbin... Yeah, I had a misspent youth reading popular science (yes, I know it's odd). And I've been known to stalk Australian palaeontologists (Mike Archer, Sue Hand, Tim Flannery, Pat & Tom Rich, Mary White, Alex Ritchie... I've got all their signatures, I'll have to do something occult with them...) And I used to stalk Douglas Adams... I'll have to organize a séance...

(*And if I was a fifty-something year old man then I could write creepy letters with homosexual subtext to Neil Gaiman, like Bram Stoker wrote to Walt Whitman, but since I'm not, I won't.)

Manga & Anime
Escaflowne (moero!moero!), Inuyasha (I blame my sister - the bitch - for turning me into a rabid inu fan), Kare Kano ('cause Tsubasa Shibahime is a freak!), Ranma 1/2 (I worship you Takahashi), G Gundam (Gundam fight! Ready? GO!), Gundam Wing (3x4 kawaiiness squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee), Mysterious Cities of Gold (they were children of the sun, I was a child of the 80s). I'm also rather partial to Nadesico, Full Metal Panic, Our Neighbours the Yamadas, Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex, Saikano... I could go on and on...

I ship...
Format and Software slash - Superscript/Subscript  & 

Archive slash -
= the good ship sank
= leather socks...
= NC-17 in all shapes, sizes and ships *mmmmmmm*

Fandom slash - LotR fandom/Harry Potter fandom = very secret dirty diaries, Gundam Wing fandom/X fandom = more angst than you can poke a colony destroying beam cannon at...

Really wrong, impossible or obscure ships - Hitomi/Millerna (have heard rumours that this fic pairing really exists somewhere out there... is it true? Shall I check my tarot cards...), Vimes/Vimes (He can really pull it off in Night Watch)... must resist urge to write Lobsang/Jeremy...that is so wrong on so many levels, Susan Sto Helit/Death of the Endless (Susan's got that whole 'school teacher by day, extreme slasher by night' thing going), Quoth/Matthew (hot raven slash in Quoth's dreams), Remus/Angua (not Remus/Katie or Tonks damn it! And I ship Sirius/James, not Sirius/Remus - that's just no comment...), Destiny of the Endless/Discworld's Time (how horribly horologically sweet, Endless slash... I like the sound of that...), Lt. Sex...um, I mean Zechs/Evil!Quatre (and keep them both away from Dorothy in her dominatrix black dress!), Findthee Swing/Bellatrix Lestrange/Lucius Malfoy (they would get on so *well* together...), Dilandau/Jonathan Teatime/The Corinthian... Ahhh! Stop me now!

And because I feel like being silly...

The Titanic = Harry/Hermione, everyone thought it was unsinkable...
The Lucitania  = Ron/Hermione, sunk by a certain Durmstrang student.
The Mary Rose = Harry/Ginny, sunk by its own cannon.
The Exon Valdeez = Harry/Draco, is leaking lubricant.
The Kursk = Sirius/Remus, is going down...
The Bounty = Draco/Ginny, only supported by mutinous rebels.
The Endeavour = Hippogriff/Snape, goes where no other ship has gone before.

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