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Zoe's Art

Discworld Fanart
Mort Jeremy and Time Jeremy and Time (colour) Susan and Mr Teatime
The Cast of Mort Time's Child Time's Child (colour) The Inner Babysitter
Time Time (colour) Jeremy Susan Sto-Helit
Till the End of Time Till the End of Time (colour) Time is to Clock as Mind is to Brain The Winds of Time
Susan Sto-Helit (colour) Thief of Time Mrs Palm and the Agony Aunts Lobsang and Jeremy
The Winds of Time (colour) The Cast of Thief of Time The Ankh-Morpork Furies Time and Time again (the klepto and the clockmaker)

Other Fanart
Susan and Death Susan and Death (colour) The Endless Coraline
La Bleme La Bleme (colour) Who wants to be an
Coraline (colour) Tom Riddle Sesshoumaru
Coraline (colour) Tom Riddle Sesshoumaru

Original Art
Random Dragon Girl Chibidragon Girl Random Flowergirl
Dragon Girl Chibidragon Girl Flowergirl

Eventually I'll get around to colouring the fanart pics using photoshop... when I get some time... and find all that missing Harry Potter fanart that got sucked to another dimension a year and a half ago.

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